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Special Message from Pastor Eddie Crise



Our state and federal officials have recommended continuing the practice of social distancing through April 30.  Our churches will continue to follow these guidelines and will not have in person worship or other in-person activities this month.  Our mission to be the body of Christ remains.  Let others know the love of God as you continue to stay home.  Look for the audio from our online worship services on the "Sermon Audio" tab above.  We will continue to pray for our world and when the day comes when it is safe to gather together we will joyously celebrate together


March 17, 2020



Dear Church Family

Of the 4 Point Charge of Danbury, Grace, Siren, and Lewis United Methodist Churches


We are living in unprecedented times as our country responds to COVID 19, but this is also a time where God is still active and leading us, leading us to be the church in a new way.

Beginning immediately our charge will cancel all in-person worship, meals, meetings, and other activities through April 1 (including that day) We will re-evaluate and have more information about our church's plan at that time.

Please continue to pray for one another and care for one another. In the days to come we will have more information about how we can stay connected spiritually. If you or a neighbor are concerned about leaving the house and would like help getting groceries, medication, or something else please call or private message Pastor Eddie.

God's Spirit is among us as we pray for the future and with God's help we will get through this together.


In Peace,

Pastor Eddie

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